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Rchilli Attends TiECON

“Tier 2 Cities: The Next Growth Driver”

TIECON Chandigarh, India- Energy is one word that could be used to describe the atmosphere at this years TiECON event. Andrey Terebinan, a guest speaker from Russia used the same word to...
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Rchilli Meets CEIPAL

“A Business Networking Event on End to End Recruiting Needs”

Rchilli CEIPAL 4th February, Gurgaon, India- Four members of the Rchilli team (pictured right) attended a networking and information session hosted by CEIPAL, a US-based recruitment automation company. The event was held at Hotel...
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Get Upgraded To Latest in Recruitment in 2016 with Rchilli 6.0.0 Release

Rchilli, A CV Automation Company, is excited to announce a major upgrade in its services with product release 6.0.0 Vinay Johar, CEO, running and managing Rchilli virtually from US gives the complete credit to his Development team with whose support and contribution, product has reached up-to this level. What this...
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RippleHire Stands-Out in Talent Acquisition Industry using Rchilli’s Automation

Rchilli’s resume parser manages candidate’s applications effortlessly, thereby giving bird’s eye view to recruiters in sorting the best application out of CV database. The Journey – RippleHire, a strong emerging partner in Referral hiring business, chooses CV automation to get in-line with growing trends and innovation. Recruitment now seems to be the...
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EmptyLemon direct employer job board chooses RChilli Parser

000 CVs; it is then used with matching software Actonomy”. Andrew Kelly, Technical Director. EmptyLemon was founded in 2010 and only posts jobs from the direct employers; it does not allow recruitment companies to advertise, so employers have less competition to secure the best candidates.  The goal of EmptyLemon is to put candidates directly in...
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RChilli resume parser: New features and Enhancements

To have a technology provider that can keep up with your dynamic business needs is an invaluable asset. Your business needs the versatility and scalability to grow and expand in the current ever-changing environment. At RChilli we build what you need and have worked like partner not just a vendor.

RChilli is now offering new features that are imperative for every business to have and these are only available to our customers.

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