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3 Indispensable Tools Hiring Managers Can’t Avoid Using Today!

What can be better than having the right person to do the right job? Let’s have a look at how WONDERFUL THIS SOUNDS.

‘ABC’ Company wanted a Marketing Manager

              ‘A’ was hired and his expertise and skills increased the leads and sales by 40 % within 2 months of...

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Search Quicker and Match Better with Semantic

A bigger challenge lies upon the companies are to build a successful team that can steer the organization’s growth, progress, and development. Even Recruitment Industry needs sound Human Resource policy, especially recruitment advisors for making a successful team of unique individuals carrying what it all takes to achieve the greatness of the organization.

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What Next? Aftermath 19th HR Tech Conference

HR technology sits at the crossroads of technology and HCM. Even, #HRTechConf Chicago 2016 has set the various standards for other industries too who can support the technology roles. A group of highly accomplished technology experts has shared their stories of rising to technology leadership roles and discuss how companies can create an environment for HR technology to thrive.

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Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment

How difficult is it today to connect with updated talent? Not that much tough, really!
With RChilli’s Social Analytics & Resume Enrichment Solutions, You can get connected to millions of passive candidates immediately. These new-found solutions can serve you with interesting information which can leverage you greatest of returns.

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