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Your ATS Might Be Lagging Behind; Here Is Why?

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3 Indispensable Tools Hiring Managers Can’t Avoid Using Today!

What can be better than having the right person to do the right job? Let’s have a look at how WONDERFUL THIS SOUNDS.

‘ABC’ Company wanted a Marketing Manager

              ‘A’ was hired and his expertise and skills increased the leads and sales by 40 % within 2 months of...

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Why Resume Parser is still your Recruitment Software’s Best Friend?

Recruitment and Onboarding are the areas where EMEA companies are spending the most amount of time, source Sierra-Cedar. Your investment today in Recruitment technology can change the way how you perform in business in long run. In the dearth of Recruitment technology, you cannot hire proactively, but technology can help you...
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Sweetspot of Recruitment, Candidate Sourcing via Semantic

The rise of Semantic in Recruitment today is phenomenal. Even the world’s most popular search engine Google uses semantic to carve desired results for its users, then why YOU don’t leverage this technology. Now Rchilli has come up with the advance features in SEMANTIC SEARCH that can change your course of recruiting. To understand semantic changes, just click on this article!

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