CV Parser Helps In Reducing Cost Of HR

CV Parsing Saves Money              Reduce Cost While Parsing

It’s a well-known fact to most of the companies starting to downsize their expenses starts from HR department and a totally unfair part on the employees who are an asset to organizations. HR hold the most difficult task of appointing future teams for company and steps like these, hit morale of the staff and declines productivity. So to start aligning with company goals and profit margins, one must start to automate hiring.

How about starting with Resume Management as every job starts with a CV first.

Does it Helps?

1 Resume Reading/Fetching– An efficient Resume Parser can grasp your CV’s from Email Inbox, Drives, any Physical location via API or any other possible locations. Within a minute, your Resume database is created and each CV is sent to Database/CRM as unique entries. Doing it, you not only save a couple of $$ by avoiding manual entries but spare time to have meaningful interactions with staff, in-fact a need of an hour.

2 Social Resume– How about having Social Profiles of applicant on resumes! We do that. If you know how well your applicant behaves on Social Media can help you decide whether that’s a match or not. This gives you quite an amazing and useful insight. There are N software’s coming in just to do this, but we’re the only parser who includes this in our social package. Again saving huge $$ on XYZ Social Recruiting spoof.

3 Matching Information– Believe it or not! Applicants avoid filling long forms on your site thus leaving the webpage early; a major reason for high bounce rate. A viable solution to this would be auto-fill or CV Automation which captures the info from resume and auto fill the form in respective fields. Hence avoiding manual mistakes of wrong email or contact details.

4 Semantic Enabled– Having Semantic enabled on Resume Database provides accurate matches for job postings. You can scroll 1000’s of resumes in seconds to find best profiles. Just put the keyword in tab and select different criteria’s suiting your job. Within in seconds profiles appear and you can start contacting the candidates.

5 Resume Update– Resume Parser can also replace the new information mustered with old ones on your resume that can give Recruiters a change in their approach based on the new information discovered. For e.g. If I know a new interest of a candidate, I can pitch him accordingly.

If you still haven’t opted for this super-utilitarian tool in your Recruiting Software, then 2015 would be a perfect way to kick-start your Recruitment business with us. What are you waiting for? Call us for Test-Trial today.

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