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What is the most suitable way today to get resumes? Ask any Recruiter, the answer would definitely be via emails. Let me ask a question to Recruiters first, how many resumes do you receive on emails and how much time is required for you to manage it?

Traditional method; managing each resume by downloading the files and putting it back to the database or using a CRM to handle the mess.

We understand how difficult it is becoming to recruit the best talent and challenges of fast growing Recruitment business. Reading resumes from email inbox and attachments can be time consuming and tiresome. Even downloading them to folders and accessing them takes time and storage on your device.

Email Inbox parsing makes cv parsing easier for you.

Read Mr. Gibbs story first?

Today, we share a story of one of our many successful customers, Mr. Gibbs who is managing clients from all big enterprises and doing remarkably well in managing resumes on emails. With the coming of Email Inbox integration, his hiring has been increased to manifold.

Prior to using Email Inbox, Ravi was flooded with resumes. 150 odd resumes hit to his inbox daily and 500+ in peak seasons. It was a hard time managing them offline. He went online, searched and tried CRM but the result was not something, built for Recruitment standards.

The CRM was OK but not that great in capturing resume information as per given fields. Frequently, the information of different section on resumes got mingled and created confusion, when searches were done on database.

The information parsed was broken and in many ways not complete or wrongly picked. Ravi was muddled up and un-decisive in picking right CV’s for the open positions. Then came Rchilli, rest is history.


RChilli’s Email Inbox is a smart, agile and intuitive add-on that is fully compatible with any other existing recruitment system or CRM installed. You parse each incoming resume there-n-then live. All you need to do is, just forward the resumes with attachments to your registered email id with us. We parse each forwarded resume automatically and convert the information into HR-XML, which can easily be inserted back to CV database.

Rchilli Email Inbox parses multiple resumes automatically from email attachments and transfers applicant details directly into CV database. Our parsing eliminates menial data entry tasks and increases productivity for HR. This way you can even track all incoming resumes and sort the relevant ones easily. You can also have multiple email addresses registered with us for cv parsing needs.

Email Inbox parsing

For your existing CRM, the information can be auto populated or parsed back to your central database.

Why us?

Email inbox module detects candidate’s cv data automatically and imports them back to as HR-XML on webhook page. We can make email inbox parsing as easy as using a gmail.

Social Parsing can give you the most current information from popular social networks for the applicant which later can be used for Social Recruiting campaigns.

Email inbox enables recruiters to extract critical details from resumes, like contact info, work experience, education, skills, and many more. This would help Recruiters import all candidate data from emails, local folders, directly to your cv database or current CRM in place.

Once the resume is parsed, the user gets the output in HR-XML format, which is one format universally acceptable by all HR systems across the globe.

  • Email Inbox parsing helps businesses build candidate centric database that’s starts giving yields before time. Towards a skillful Talent pipeline.
  • Our parsing lets you intelligently parse Name, Title, Companies, Email Addresses, Phone number and other details in structured format.
  • You can also find missing social information on resumes using Social add-ons.

The output is completely customizable as per user requirement. You can pick the ones needed and leave the unwanted fields.

Email Inbox Resume Parser How to set it up?

  1. Register your email id with us.
  2. We will provide you email where you can forward all your incoming resumes from your previous registered email id only.
  3. As we receive the emails; body, to, from, subject, content and attached files get parsed and output is pushed back to webhook page created by you in advance as output in HR-XML format.
  4. You can insert all entries into database from webhook akin HTTP POST capturing page.
  5. Further, you can run searches on your database and find best matches using add-ons like semantic, social and analytics.

To better understand the complete integration, please refer to our product document here.

Links to Social Profiles?

You can also avail power of Social add-ons if required while parsing resumes. The links gathered are from most popular social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and G+ profiles. The newfound information can give you cues on engaging passive candidates and relevant context to chip in right ones when required. And the most important would be to check whether the picked candidate is a right culture fit or not?

Mr Gibbs story continues…..

This was already enough information for Mr Gibbs to make the right decision and choose Rchilli Email Inbox module for parsing. The history still continues. Want to check it live? Claim your free trial here and get the best parsing offers. Give this feature a try today. Happy Parsing!

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