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What’s Next level of recruitment

Every single day recruiters are faced with personal choices. These are moments when they have to objectively select the right candidates according to the expected skills and qualifications of their client companies. There are times when the decisions are made easily, such as when the applicant has all – or conversely, none – of the required competencies. Most of the time however, the lines between yes and no are blurred. Thus, recruiters are forced to dig deeper into the resumes of applicants, with the final goal of hopefully deciding correctly whether to accept them or reject them already.

CV automation software brings the quickness in the recruitment process back. With automated CV parsing, semantics, and social media search capabilities, RChilli has saved the recruiters hours and hours of manual work, leading to loads of savings for recruitment companies. CV Automation does this process with no personal bias involved; an unbiased match is made between talent and career opportunity.

Decision making. This is where CV automation probably has the greatest contribution to recruiters. It speeds up rather slow, unsure decisions. It helps recruiters understand the skills and competencies of the candidates in a much deeper context. It also detects patterns in word usage, and it does so with 100% consistency and accuracy, something that we have to admit, cannot be done manually.

Recruitment tasks that normally a day are done within seconds – with just a click of the mouse. Immediately, matching results are produced for the recruiters’ perusal. That’s a day’s work in just under a minute.

While there are others who contest that CV automation removes the “personal” aspect in recruiting, it must be remembered that CV automation is not meant to replace recruiters. Rather, it is intended to help recruiters decide better and faster. With the help of RChilli’s CV automation service, the better fit is attained.

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