Hiring Superman with ATS/Jobboards

Hiring Superman

Every Superhero is an outstanding example of success. Like any superhero, one should wonder why they came along just at the right time. Ever since the Man of Iron became famous in the 1930s, Real superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Flash Gordon, and Wonder Woman, has followed in his footprints. It underlines the fact that developing new things are one of the best ways. In Recruitment world, Apply automation to the hiring business, that could read: Developing => Learning => Strategy => Technology => Change => Hiring => Talent => Success.

However, it is more of the willingness with which Recruiting industry wants to learn new concepts to hire the best talent. Let’s have a look at recruiting scenario for Multinational companies to medium sized organisation, but answer this first:

Where will we find the next Hiring Superman?
Who can imagine the future?
Are there any new recruitment models out that could benefit others too?
Have they got insights to engage the next-generation workforce?

We at RChilli, a pioneer of the Recruitment Automation World enables different approaches to find the best fit for recruiting industry. We know the solutions to find the right talent. As an enabler, we push the Hiring Manger’s capability to be a Superman and close jobs in less time. Our sophisticated Solution has been the biggest benefactor of the Recruitment Softwares. It has completely altered the face of recruitment, right from identifying and selecting the right talent to onboarding them into the company.

Only a decade ago, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) acted as a place to store and index resumes. It also serves as a mode of engagement for future talent resources, Jobseekers can be tracked, and in a single click they can apply for Jobs. But apart from this, we need to know more about the candidates. Like which Jobs, Candidates are viewing, navigating between pages, at what stage he quits the application, the average time spent on the job board and mainly from the activities done on the site. And then Jobboard takes a part in it, It adds value to job sites and give valuable data to the employer who buys it.

However, Recruiters, HR professionals and Enterprises speak the same language. As they all demand the best roles. Both ATS and Job Board has made hiring proactive, with an increased focus on passive hires as well. Rchilli has taken Hiring process to the next level, help HR in finding the right fit and becoming a Hiring Superman.

These are the growing breed of Hiring SuperMan that have their feet firmly planted in both present and have the readiness to support organisation in future. Are you the one?

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