How Recruitment Software is Changing HR

Changing HR

HR has seen it all and competing vigorously to adopt and be at par with technology, despite Recruiters grappling with transition and ease-of-use scenarios. But that doesn’t make the technology less effective rather another scope for industry to built products on; Transition Delivery suite to integrate both in-house and adopted solutions.

Recruitment Software primarily starts with Applicant Tracking, which is to track requisitions in hiring process, manage candidate’s profiles and status with other hosts of additional functionality that provides the applicant best user experience.

Requisitioning– You can call resumes from candidates via career site or web page, email inbox, fill forms via social media job network or apply via linkedIn. Take help of appropriate job boards relevant only to your industry and use social media sites to get maximum registrations against job openings. Job descriptions should be clear and precise with proper workflow so that interested individuals can expect the obvious at next step.

Candidate Acquisition– The gist of any recruitment process is candidate acquisition. You need to have a holistic and coherent system to manage Referral Management, Candidate Scoring, Search, Relationship Management, Screening, Assessment and other significant processes aligned with acquisition workflow. Capturing the right data at right step ensures fruits in the latter part of Recruiting journey.

Applicant Tracking– includes the entire workflow from resume submission, interview management, communication with applicant, background check and finally putting them onboard. These systems are job-driven; easily integrate with current HRMS or other solution in place. Most of the players in the market now offer solution tailored to your need. ATS with Mobile interface is on the rise.

Advance– We can expect Recruitment Software to provide reporting functions with advanced analytics, data and valuable insights that can make Recruiting more proficient and fruitful. Big data is already being broken into smaller units and actionable inferences are taken to know the future progression of talent in respective industries.

All above tools are doing their bit to enhance Recruiting and automate processes. One can be short of any particular feature or compliment other when implemented. One has to actually evaluate and integrate to see software in action. Recruitment software has grown and become a necessity for Recruiters which further is simplified by cloud technology, hybrid systems that left us with no other reason than to try these tools out. Make a change in your Recruitment and try CV Automation.

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