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to perform their usual HR functional needs. These include payroll, job opening acquisition and approval, and even recruitment. Time flies, and we have ushered in 2015. Apparently, these HR systems have now become obsolete, so out of date that they can no longer attend to the changing needs of their company.

The systems that were programmed before simply do not match to today’s HR software. But what do HR software programs look like today? How different are they from their “ancestors?” And just how important is it to have just one HR software?

There is probably one word that answers this seemingly profound and complicated question: Consolidation. The HR software of today is a big consolidation of all the previous functions that separate, independent, and sometimes incompatible programs once handled. Simply put, the HR software of today is a one stop shop for all the needs of the company. If a company needs to get more manpower, they go to their HR software. If it needs to screen applicants, or take care of its payroll concerns, they go to the same HR software.

With using just one HR software, the company is assured that all important data can be obtained from one source; and that no compatibility issues will be expected. Emails, job postings, reference checks, test and interview results, and all other important data is stored in one big virtual box. Truly, the HR software of today is a powerful and mighty do-it-all resource.

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