HR Technology in Recruitment with 3 Best Softwares

HR technologyA whole lot of recruiting agency and/or recruiting firms out there were raising white flags saying they are completely fed up to the old school processes. They were for sure searching for an aid of convenience and precision. I know you’re one of them and maybe that’s the reason why you are here. Well, if you notice, the world we live in nowadays is full of infinite possibilities. This is a whole new era, the dawn of change. Living in a world of much more advancement towards technology and easing ourselves with having everything on just a few clicks away.

Developers have been able to create software from scratch, of course, all for your expediency making manual data entry a thing of the past. So if you’re one of those establishments who frequently asks about “What are the best software for recruiting?”, “Should I get these software to help me with recruitment?” or “Is having these software installed even worth it?” well, I will let you decide it yourself after you hear what I say.

Recruiting people is a tiring job and a serious business. You must’ve at least agreed with me on this. Presumably this job is under a load of pressure especially when recruitment alone deals with people, facing people. You are task to find a perfect person to take the job. You must attract, select then hire an employee who meets the standard/classifications for a specified job. And there goes the weight of responsibilities. In relation to what I’ve mentioned earlier, our way of hiring people these days evolved the way our technology goes. Interviews are now conducted online, and this is where software inserts. Let me introduce to you the three best software exists specifically for your job assistance.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is one of the much-anticipated recruitment software available in the market. ATS is perfectly developed for the purpose of assisting enterprises recruit staffs efficiently and that it can be accessed through the net and/or depending on the company’s needs. In a much more case scenarios, applications are being filtered automatically focusing on keywords and varieties of details written in a resume i.e skills, previous schools attended, former employers/companies, years of work experience. ATS has a whole lot of functions; it can post job openings on many business websites, screens applicant resumes and sends email to a potential candidate for a scheduled interview. It can also rank resume automatically, can sieve into multi-language resumes and similarly tracks an applicant. If you worry about the personal data’s entered on the application it would be an ease for you to know that it is controlled and ruled by the data protection legislation. Data’s are surely protected and secured.

Video Interviewing Tool (VIT) is a software intended to help conduct an interview professionally online. With the applicant from across the country, this application helps to close that gap in between. If you add VIT to your recruitment process it seriously can improve your processes. You’ll be able to see candidates answer your questions. You’ll be able to save time especially if there were a lot of applicants, you can discuss their insights and visions before including them to the final set of people to be interviewed face to face. It has a user-friendly interface which makes video interviews convenient to both parties. It has on-screen guide to help interviewee and interviewer all throughout the whole process.

Resume Parser is a software application that converts information on resumes gathered from applicants online into organized columns for storage, reference and reports. And can be manipulated by a computer. It is helpful for recruitment agencies to have this technology in their system in order to lessen information disrupt and also to automate the analysis of data on resumes. This reduces manual work and totally saves time. Parsers capture data automatically and extract information in seconds. There were 3 types of parser: keyword based parsers, grammar based parsers and statistical parsers. Keyword based parsers identify phrases and simple text patterns on resume, it gathers postal codes and date ranges. Grammar based parsers have grammatical rules and go through resumes, it distinguishes word meanings on a sentence. Statistical parsers are better than keyword based parser but not that accurately as grammar based parsers For this type to be accurate, it should be trained on data  that is to be the process.

With cards all on the table, I know you must be thinking hard. But don’t make those thoughts that messy. You might as well want your conversion rate higher and make the less manual effort. Think of claiming one if not these three.

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