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with too many applications and too few career opportunities to match them to. It goes without saying that quick decisions have to be made by these recruiters to ensure perfect candidate-job fit. Thankfully, modern technology provides great help in the form of recruitment software programs. But with the hundreds of recruitment software programs available, how do we know which ones to choose? How far should the software aid the recruiter, and how automated must the recruitment process be? Simply put, what should ideal recruitment software have?

First, the ideal recruitment software must be a platform that aids the entire recruitment process. It also should be comprehensive, but it must be very user friendly, allowing new recruiters to learn how to use them quickly. Third, it must be seamlessly integrated with the typical business productivity software – email providers, Office programs and SAP to name a few. Fourth, all members of the recruitment team must be able to work together better through the system, through collaboration features such as information sharing. Lastly, the software must be powerful enough to store all the critical information obtained during the recruitment process – emails, CVs, application letters, attachments, and so on.

Ideal recruitment software is a one stop shop for a recruiting team’s needs. It must make the lives of recruiters easier, but still allow them to make the final decision. Indeed, the software is one of the recruitment team’s most valuable players. They play a vital part in the entire process.

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