Indian Enterprises in Crisis over Recruitment Software

install it either on cloud (preferably) or on premise. But the problems start coming up when the decision makers are asked to advice on the ROI generated. And then it becomes a pain thereafter. Organizations usually found grappled in answering these questions?

1 How much in % the software adopted has affected their business?

2 Was the benefit taken justifies the amount spent on the software?

3 Are they able to use the software capacities to the fullest?

Next the alternative which they missed by not considering other software’s also adds to misery. Thereafter round of introspection interviews start coming up.

Here arises the need of achieving business goals through implementation of integrated Recruitment System that is open to work with 3rd party apps and partners. So you end up not just using the part of software but the complete software. Companies would do a considerable reduction in time spent on Recruitment that uplifts the productivity and make best use of their time and talent. “Now is the time to integrate people strategies with business imperatives” says Harsh Goenka Chairman RPG Enterprises.

Mindset of the Indian companies has changed and now they view HR as a strategic function, a key differentiators of organization and play a pivotal role in growth.

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