Jobboard Industry in 2015

development, and growth that everyone else would like to be a part of. So what’s so special about Job boards? Yes, they’ll also witness some current disruptions impacting the Recruitment Industry today. This post mentions trends from the Job board Doctor on his Blog that will shape the future of job boards in 2015.

1 Talent Demand

For employers also, every year their quest for having ideal talent keeps on raising and the responsibility of acquiring right talent lands in the hand of Recruiter. Considering the available amount of resources, most of the times it is hard to match the Talent especially in for nurses, technologists. So Job board can bridge this gap by providing a pipeline to employers that host the right breed of talent.

2 Workforce Diversified

People now have not restricted themselves to any geography, if the opportunity is right, they’re ready to explore and reach new shores. In this scenario adapting to the demands of next-gen workforce is pretty much necessary and required. Presence of job boards in different languages and country versions can be a plus point for many job boards.

3 Retention a big issue

New Year may give setbacks to many companies where their key employees will leave. It’s time to maximize engagement among employees and arouse leadership programs to give them the platform to showcase their talent. Rest job boards are always there as Plan B where you could meet your demands easily.

4 Mobile Site

World has gone mobile, seriously! 30% of major companies provide mobile versions of their career sites and more than half of candidates search for work on mobile. Isn’t it fascinating! Yes, it is making an explicit need for recruitment partners that can carry the right message.

5 Employer Branding

Without a doubt, Employer Branding makes a huge impact while drawing talent to Organizations. LinkedIn recent survey was just like confirming the rest above. Employers are retorting to various Social channels to spread the message and create interest for the open positions. This not only handles current workforce but a create list of probable to be used in future.

6 Big Data

How can be big data left in this? Huge amount is data is now digested daily by costly software’s just to tell you the future which is still uncertain. That calls for Jobboard to step in and show some magic. Having partnership with any 3rd party to provide these benefits can even bring you more customers. Time for a change

7 Increased Spending

All the above boils down to only one thing i.e. more spending for the Recruitment Industry. Job boards can position themselves above in the value chain to have their share of the pie and includes the benefits listed above. But the differentiation point still remains the valid were every jobboard has to battle out.

Rest trends affect us whether we like them or not. So the better is, we make arrangements for it and be ready to venture out with complete planning. Now let’s wait for 2015 to come.

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