Jobboards! Are you listening?

and the company that is hiring, loving them back. Most job seekers’ experiences though are not that positive. Some spend hours each day applying to so many job posts from different industries. However, they do not get a single interview invite. Worse, they pay job boards for “supplemental service,” which they think will help stand out from the rest.

Job boards are a great tool to recruit talent but are they also a reliable source of QUALITY talent? With hundreds of industries, thousands of job posts, and tens of thousands of candidates, how can hiring companies ensure that their job posts attract candidates who are actually fit for the position? Some say that job boards are too generic, and that is not a good characteristic. These job boards should possess a few characteristics to make them effective recruitment tools. These are:

a. Job boards have to give importance to job niches. Generic job posts will generate, well, generic applications. This will not bode well for hiring companies. Imagine, sifting through 800 applications, where 750 of them are from candidates who are not even remotely qualified for the job. This problem can be solved by offering job niches. Simply put, these are job posts which are targeted towards a specific group of professionals alone – thus, the term niche. If job boards target the right niche, they will attract a limited number of applications, but these are all with QUALITY.

b. Job boards have to be extremely user-friendly. In order to recruit as many qualified candidates as possible, recruiting companies should make applying for jobs as easy as possible. Does the selected job board provide quick access to job openings? Is opening a jobseeker account fast, with complete candidate information available? Is there a Quick Apply button? Convenience and ease of use are two traits that job boards must have if they are pegged as recruitment tools.

These two factors will weigh heavily on the overall design and effectiveness of a job board. What hiring companies are searching for now is not the most number of candidates. Rather, it’s the most number of QUALIFIED candidates that they fancy most. If a job board successfully weeds out these good ones from the rest, then it is a truly effective recruitment tool.

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