Know why your applicants are leaving? #Jobboards


With already facing heat from LinkedIn and Talent Management companies, rising Candidate drop-off rates adds to the misery. Acknowledging the fact, this directly impacts business and puts future growth in dark, Job boards and Staffing firm has to adept themselves with changing trends and situation.

First of all, we need to know more about the candidate here. Jobs, he is viewing, navigation between pages, at what stage he quits the application, average time spent and mainly from the activities done on the site. All these factors compositely will help Recruitment businesses to figure-out, what may hook applicants to fill the incomplete application.

Let’s undermine few of them below:

1 Candidate Engagement– Let’s discuss the most important in the beginning, applicants love to talk about their user experience about a job. That is the only reason of many big corporate going for the specific career portal on their site. We should adopt the same and think like a candidate while designing the workflows in job application process.

2 Scarcity of Time– Mobile being the most rising medium among the jobseekers is attracting the major traffic and revenue to job boards and staffing firm. Time being the prime factor; jobseekers prefer to apply for jobs via mobile interface only. Suggest your designers to optimize the site for Mobile viewing as well, without any broken links.

3 Process– With just a few clicks, Applicant should reach the right job and preferred employer. Your website needs continual optimization keeping change of interests in jobs, skills, and the industry. Keep it short and precise so as more registrations against each job can be done.

4 Messages & Relevance– Both of them like to walk hand-in-hand. Keep your messages specific and targeted to the relevant job industry and segment. The brevity of text also holds prominence, show the candidates what they are looking for quickly, easily and in less of text.

5 Social Integration– Option to share jobs via social links should also be encouraged. 67% candidates prefer sharing jobs with friends over social media. Considering rise of Social in Recruitment, integrating job boards and staffing firm with these platforms will be highly economic and critical.

Key to give candidates the best user experience when they see your job and fills the form brings joy not only to jobseeker but revenue to the recruitment businesses as well. They should design processes, websites and workflows keeping only applicants in mind. Rest can be still ignored! Hope you enjoyed the read.

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