Resume Screening Software | For Large Enterprises

Solution with bespoke features integrates seamlessly with your existing HR solution and automates resume management. Zero hassle and Maximum productivity assured. Product tailored to match up with your expectations completely…

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Recruiting Software | Applicant Tracking Software

As an add-on to your core component of recruiting software or LMS, it simplifies your recruitment cycle by collecting resumes, parsing them and coalescing with the interview process. Don’t just track applicants and know what they want by Social…

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Resume Parsing | Job Sites

Automate your candidate submissions and fill forms in just seconds. With One click, applicant stays longer on site, create profiles quickly and apply only to right jobs in-time. Let your audience have finest of the experiences with comfort of engagement; dual bliss…

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Semantic Search For Staffing Companies

Avoid sifting of resumes over entire database and spend time only with the qualified ones, Semantic search-match let’s you close more jobs in weeks than what you do in months. Know more about your candidates being Social and be proficient in hiring…

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Online HR Software | CV Automation

To cater the needs of large and a growing workforce, our solution streamlines with your recruitment workflow and enhances productivity to put the best candidate on job. An agile online software to compliment other HR solutions in a distinct way; CV Automation…

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