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RChilli offer premium Resume Parsing service to Staffing companies for managing volumes of resume data and improve candidate’s data entry. With the advantage of Rchilli’s scalable, cost-effective resume parser; now manage resume data more efficiently coming from candidates applying to your Website.

Candidates upload resumes on Company’s website and the form gets auto-filled by simply clicking upload option. You can select resume file in DOC/ DOCX / RTF / PDF / XML / HTML / TXT format.Use Email parsing for parsing resumes from a dedicated email id and automatically import all data into your internal database management application.

  • RChilli SaaS Service to be used in real time to provide results directly in your database.
  • Parsed data gets stored in MySQL, MS SQL, CRM and other database.
  • Segregated data in 74+ fields provides detailed split-up on basis of work experience and industry opted. This can be used for running intelligent business logic.
  • RChilli integration is done with minimal technological effort to get maximum output.

Resume Parsing / Analysis at offline mode.Bulk Import also supported
Recruiter uploads resumes in bulk by a back-end program. Each resume gets extracted into 74+ accurate fields. Further analysis can be done to refine the search. Bulk upload also available using FTP upload.

How it works? We have three options for HR Departments

  • Integrate RChilli Plug-in with your Email, Desktop folder or Database in less than 15 minutes.
  • Give Resume Parsing input via Desktop Folder, or POP3/ IMAP email servers.
  • Get Output in CSV, HR-XML, MySql, MsSql, ODBC and HTTP Post.
  • Use current application to call our web services via SOAP with resume file sent along with other parameters.
  • In response envelop of SOAP, we return XML to be used for display or storing directly into database. (Please contact us at to see the demo of XML).

Typical Use-case

  • Resume Parsing used at entry level of Resume in real time scenario.
  • Recruiter/user uploads resumes from desktop or some folder.
  • RChilli Desktop extracts that document into more than 72 fields.
  • Store into database directly.
  • This has capability to run like a command shell or scheduled service.
  • Integrate parsing into your Business flow and stand out from the competition by using intelligent data and providing the best candidates that match perfectly with the Job requirements.
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