Recruiters, Why You Need Passive Resume Updater?

PRU (Passive Resume Updater) is finally here to take your worries.

Turn your old resumes into a fresh one by fetching the most current information about applicant’s job, place of work, company, interests and many more.

1 We complete profiles which increase views by 5x that means more visibility.

2 Jobs you post reach more interested candidates via PRU (Passive Resume Updater)

3 Your candidate responses become 30% more relevant.

4 Helps Review, Recharge and Re-tool your Recruiting Strategies.

5 Candidate Empowerment- taking your candidate experience to the next level by enhancing your movement towards engaging, relating and building the relationship with candidate pools and prospects. This can prove to be your next stage in the evolution of how we build relationships with jobseeker community.

6 Currently, companies are going above and beyond to empower their candidates to take action turning them from applicants to ambassadors. Go beyond passive resumes and start updating them. Passive resume updater helps you transform recruiting and hiring with the most recent information available.

7 Activates all passive profiles and make them visible again. New information brings more point of contacts to reignite the conversations.

8 Update you with new Sectors, Roles and Skills you generally hire for.

9 You can place more candidates and rank them higher in order viz new skills, information and place discovered.

10 Last but not the least, PRU helps you close more jobs than you previously do.

Join the band-wagon to supercharge your Recruiting and re-engage the ones with whom you lost touch through PRU.

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