Recruitment Software; what about it?

surviving today who has not faced the heat when it comes to acquiring talent and the right ones. Whether it is making calls, reaching them on Social Media, capturing information, arranging interviews, setting email campaigns, we’ve tried it all. So what Recruitment software can do about it?

Maybe, it can takeaway all your recruitment related stress and fuzzy workflows that make your coordination with colleagues weak. Rather it’s time to do something about it. Like implementing Recruitment software based on your unique business needs, not the one your vendor is trying to pitch you for long. Take some actionable cues from here.

Begin with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) by tracking requisitions in the workflow, managing applicant’s profile, updating their statuses in the system. With additional features, Reports and Analytics which now every ATS is trying to give can impact your start.

The big-buzz about Social Media has now settled and reached its realm. Every now and then Recruiters check online profiles before putting the person on next level of interview. In-fact Social Profile Search has improved their hiring instincts and the ones placed via social stay for longer durations with companies.

Still most of the volumes comes from job boards, Employee referrals, social media, career pages and other location based recruiting methods. Referrals rule the quality quotient but companies are willing to spend more on Social Media to showcase a strong employer brand where the future workforce is willing to work.

Out of the numerous benefits it holds mostly time and money, it also enables database with search capabilities that gives the right applicant in record time. Speed up your pace by eliminating menial administrative tasks and putting right info at the right time. With the information in-hand before you can easily get rid of the unqualified candidates and spent the time with deserving ones.

Whether you’re a staffing/recruiting firm or corporate in-house recruiters, recruitment software can surely help you raise your game. Now which model I should adopt to ensure smooth delivery totally depends on your objectives.

Most popular is the web-based SaaS model owing to its flexibility and automated workflows. Easy to access through web browsers and track candidates online. Vendors have also given mobile option to the Employers where most of the traffic drives from mobile devices as online applications are mostly coming from this domain.

Investing and adopting solutions considering all the above aspects can bring right talent to companies for years to come and keep them continuous engaged. Start small but start today to stay abreast with the trends and latest done in the Recruitment Technology i.e. Recruitment software which Rchilli is proud to be associated with.

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