Resume Parsing 101

[1] A resume parser is a compiler or interpreter that converts the unstructured form into structured form.

Rchilli Interpreter

For example, an XML parser understands the sequence of characters and turns them into new elements, attributes, etc.

[2] It is a component that automatically segregates the information into various fields and parameters like name, qualification, experience to quickly help you identify the most relevant resumes based on your criteria.

[3] A parser takes input in the form of a sequence of program instructions and tends to build a data structure; a “parse tree,” or an abstract syntax tree.

Benefit: RChilli’s resume parser offers more coverage of the HR-XML Resume; 2x than our competitors.

Other benefits:

  • Highly accurate multilingual resume parsing software
  • Enhanced end-user data quality
  • Extracts more kinds of data
  • Fetch resumes in bulk either from your database or desktop
  • 3x faster-parsing speed than our competitors
  • All vendors claim to be the most suitable process. Try us out for free and see for yourself
  • Reform candidate experience and strengthen your employer brand
  • Improve your ROI from increased conversion rate
  • Save time on manual interventions
  • Create a valuable database with qualitative data
  • RChilli’s friendly customer service available 24/7

Here is a typical scenario, sound familiar?

I am an HR Manager for a large company. On average I receive twenty resumes per day. Multiply that by 365 days and that’s 7,300 resumes per year! I used to manage these resumes in filing cabinets. Needless to say this was an inefficient system. Whenever my company was looking to hire someone, I had to sort through stacks of resumes by hand. Another problem was that these resumes would quickly become out of date. One day I was talking to a friend and they suggested I try RChilli’s resume parser. I called them up and after giving me a visual demo, they gave me a trial account. I could not believe how much easier a parser could make my life. After looking around at other parsers, I realized Rchilli had by far the most competitive pricing. They even offered me add-ons that I will discuss in later articles in this series. This way, I save a lot of time on manual transactions of each job application and CV I receive. I am really happy with my company’s decision to use Rchilli!

Use Case: Simple to use. Try it for free and see for yourself.

                      1. Recruiters upload the resume from a desktop or folder1                        2. Then Parse it.2

                       3. RChilli API extracts that document into 74+ fields





And many more…….

              4. RChilli’s resume parser stores info in your cloud database or displays this XML for the user interface


                 5. This can be sold as the add-on to existing recruitment solution


 ATS, staffing agencies, Job board, career sites, enterprises and many more usually work with resume parsing software to automate the CV/Resume database.

Please stay tuned for the next segment in our 101 series.

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