Social Recruiting For Enterprises

Social Media has got all the means to get you the next job eyed upon but only if you’ve made your online presence stronger enough to be considered for the post. Social Hiring is the trend not just mere a buzz word.

Check facts stating the rising importance of Social in Recruitment; among the investments made to garner Talent for companies. Social Recruiting attracts 73% after Referrals (63%) and Mobile Strategies (51%), According to Jobvite Annual Survey.

So why should Enterprises lag behind? The return of Social is so exuberating that ignoring it would cause dearth of talent.

A) Social Recruiting makes you hire faster, smarter and cheaper.

It makes your jobs seen by passive candidates on Social and start attracting them first, but you’ve to be discreet when engaging candidates on Social as they may be employed somewhere else. Another way is creating brand stories, socially engaging. Tell the story how an employee who got hired from social has made the difference in your company.

B) Fits in your Strategy.

Developing an active Social Recruiting strategy leverages business to breed the right talent. Social can elevate you above your competitors and Strategy. It ensures the steady flow of candidates to your company, spark conversations with potential applicants, build rapport in niche fields like medicine, gaming, engineering where the core talent is hard to find.

Doing webinars to engage candidates also helps– start leveraging social in your recruitment business more efficiently, but before that get insights on what is working and what is not to avoid the pitfalls.

C) Finally, A Global Recruitment Tool.

Running businesses from different locations is a challenging job than it seems. But with Social, the difficulty level can be reduced to minimal. Keeping talent engaged from remote locations was never so easy and even after hiring, onboarding becomes easy for applicants to settle in.

In totality, Enterprises will not get any better than this to uplift its Social Recruiting strategies to be in the limelight and make a difference in the war for talent that is becoming fiercer day-by-day. Companies are already tapping students on social for internships in a way to incubate the talent wherever and whenever possible.

Rchilli seeing the importance of Social in Recruitment includes it in the product mix and bring the end benefits to employers. Explore more with less comes true with Social Parsing. Give it a try at Social Profile Search.

Companies grow not only with right strategies but by the people who implemented it right. And social is the best way to catch hold of those candidates in your vicinity. So when are you making your next hire? We’d be excited to hear your Social Story.

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