What Next? Aftermath 19th HR Tech Conference

19th #HRTechConf, Chicago just got over and left us with so much to do on Talent Acquisition. For those of you, who didn’t get the time to catch-up with the event, here’s a sneak peak:

#HRTechConf Top tweets HR Tech is not only a great place to see the newest of technology but also a fantastic networking experience. Folks from all over the HR industry and HRtech in particular gather to share their views, expertise and path-breaking pedagogy to make Human Resources better inch-by- inch. Gerry Crispin, Thought Leader acknowledging the growing intrusion of technology coined the year 2017 as year of the ‘Bot’ in his interview.

It is important that HR include their technology department leaders at the beginning of the software selection process and not only after the contract has been signed. Today the stakeholders in business want description of the experience before purchasing of the software by HR. They wanted to see HR independent of vendor after sometime, not poorly dependent on their mercy which infact proves to be Achilles heels for the organization.

HR will admit lot of changes in the coming year 2017. The biggest one is capturing the attention of Digital natives through engaging hiring strategies. Social Media has catapulted the Recruitment manifold. The HR today needs plug-n- play technology to connect with multiple systems and communicate with one another. This would preserve the flow of current processes and procedures.

Rchilli has build CV Automation with practitioner’s needs in mind. The technology has been built with calibration of process experts’ on what is possible actually. Rchilli has been successful in making the most user-friendly HR software ever made, with due credit to its efficacious development and support team.

According to Mckinsey study of nearly 800 different jobs in the United States, ranging from CEOs to fast food workers, they found 2,000 individual work activities, and assessed them against 18 different capabilities that could potentially be automated. In their analysis, they found that 45% of work activities representing $2 trillion in wages can already be automated based on proven technology that currently exists.

A further 13% of work activities in the U.S. economy could be automated if the technologies used to understand and process human language were brought up to the median human level of competence. This can make Rchilli pave the way for future through automation.

Let us sum-up what Josh Bersin thinks about the Future of HR in coming days. The tools for engagement, pulse surveys, feedback management, and culture assessment will be in demand. Performance management market is now at a disruptive stage where companies have created the next wave of Talent Acquisition. Legacy systems have turned out to be a cloud based model owing to be a necessity now. Big organizations are making their own learning platforms to give rich experiences to their employees. The small players are going guns after enterprise scale and focusing on today’s modern Recruitment Process. Mobile apps and design thinking are replacing process tools with that of experiences. Also, a huge market for “well being applications” is still unexplored.

Seriously, a lot will happen in 2017. To know, how Rchilli can help you fit into the new flow of work, click here. Rest, stay tuned for future stories.

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