Why Resume Parser is still your Recruitment Software’s Best Friend?

Recruitment and Onboarding are the areas where EMEA companies are spending the most amount of time, source Sierra-Cedar. Your investment today in Recruitment technology can change the way how you perform in business in long run. In the dearth of Recruitment technology, you cannot hire proactively, but technology can help you decrease the time, minimize the cost and ensure the quality of hire.

But are you getting the best out of your data and making use of it in the most efficient way? Today companies target talent groups with the help of automation. Automation helps in creating a structured hiring process within your company focusing on strategies and tools to measurably improve the recruitment process.

Many Recruitment agencies work with resume parser tools to automate the storage and filtering of resume data. Resume parser frees hiring managers from managing each application manually.

Not all resume parsers get integrated into your existing software well and transfer the right information to the CV database, but RChilli’s resume parser does and that too with proficiency. RChilli can easily manage TXT, Word files, and PDF files.

Do you now with RChilli; you can format all the incoming resumes to a standard format? Yes, this feature has been available for some time now and been put to use successfully. Free yourself from the hassle of reading resumes in too many formats and use a stress-free automated solution for all your hiring needs.

Adding to the list, RChilli Job Order Parser extracts relevant data from job description (JD) and helps in the matching of ideal profiles for the job. The job description can either be uploaded (.txt or word) or pasted on the interface, and the information can now be used to find applicants whose profiles match the description. The parser can fetch information job titles, skills, experience desired vs. possessing, management experience, education, certifications, foreign language, worked on technologies, etc. The already parsed job description can also be used as a standard to recommend other jobs to candidates matching his profile.

You would be startled to hear; not many companies have integrated resume parsing tool despite the fact that it enhances productivity almost fifty percent than their current capacity. The same time would have been spent on engagement and employer branding activities if spared by the software.

As a result, CV parser is able to structure most unconventional resumes. The parser being contextually correct gets the ‘Java developer’ and ‘Java skills’ separately when searched differently. Parser enhances searching capabilities of database extensively and provides ease to candidates when applying for jobs on ATSs, job sites or career pages of the enterprise.

RChilli resume parsing software is a multilingual software in more than 12+ languages and packed with both abilities; natural language processing and deep learning technology, revolutionizing the way how information is read today. RChilli’s parser is the only CV parser in the market with big data and computing abilities. We’ve already started bringing hiring results for many companies out-of- the information we receive on a daily basis. The possibilities are endless with a powerful parser at the core. This way you can easily meet the job market and talent demand.

Resume parsing makes data extraction process easy and cheap. The best part is you can select the attributes from the total output which you want to receive and leave the rest. This way you can be sure, which software works for your domain?

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