Bulk Import

Rchilli parser is capable of handling resumes in bulk by 2 modes as described below. We have design robust, agile and intuitive parser to quickly adapt as per user’s requirement and give them the exact solution before they ask for it!

Email Inbox – to fetch resumes direct from emails. Quick 1-time set up; configure your POP/ IMAP for real time parsing as when you get the resumes. All incoming resumes will be parsed by default into various fields like First name, last name, experience etc. For each lead you can have unique candidate’s profile.

FTP import – allows you to upload resumes from database on our servers and parse them into desired location as specified i.e. CSV, database or Xml. Quick to install, easy to use and effective in parsing are the key features that makes the complete process integrated.

  • Installation in less than 5mins.
  • Fetches resumes real time and quickly scalable as per your need.
  • Accuracy level up to 95%.

Supports all formats and read many languages like German, Chinese, Portuguese, French and many more (Discover it yourself here @ Rchilli).

Take a case where all your resumes are lying either in a folder on your desktop or your preferred email address. Now in 2 min integration, you can set the path and parse resumes in bulk. An easy way to parse resumes.

This comes handy when you have so many resumes piled up and you want to parse them in one-go.

Compete resume management in simple steps:

  • Set the path. (Email Inbox or Folder Destination via FTP)
  • Integration in 2 min
  • Parse resumes endlessly.

You can parse in offline mode as well.

For Businesses who parse either 10 K resumes a day or Million resumes a month.

The Bulk import feature ensures you never get stuck paying high variable cost when your business grows. Call us now to help you select a volume based plan that makes economic and operational sense for your business.

Contact us for enabling this feature.

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